“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished” - Dean Koontz

I share my lockdown bubble with these 3 crazy critters and some humans but lets face it, the dogs are more interesting and willing to stray in front of my lens. These are our fur babies (from left to right) Kali the White Shepherd, Loki the Mini Schnauzer and Stella the Rottweiler mix. All three have very distinct personalities and are as much a part of the family as each of us humans and I’m sure many people out there can say the same for their beloved pets. They are keeping us sane during this time of isolation.

The difficult part of this post is this, Stella due to complications with old age and a recent battle that was won with cancer but left its mark, is going to take her final trip in the car tomorrow. Because of all the restriction due to Covid-19 we can’t be with her when she is put to “Sleep” so we have to drop her off in the car park at the vet and say goodbye. We have an awesome vet practice here who were so loving during her cancer battle so they know her well and Stella loves going there. This gives us some reassurance but I know it won’t make it any easier to hand her over. We are preparing to start lockdown day drinking, wearing Pj’s all day and binge watching Netflix. 

Coping mechanism humour aside, my thoughts and love goes out to everyone else dealing with a loss during this time and having to cope with it in your reduced world with no funeral or gathering of loved ones to help the process. Life as we knew it has changed, a shift of seismic proportions has happened and just like an earthquake, we were not prepared for it. We are forced to face ourselves in survival mode and we will never be the same.

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